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Health Food Fail: Larabar’s Chocolate Chip Brownie

30 Dec

As I was making my daughter wonderful oatmeal w/apples breakfast. I decided to snack while I prepare.  My daughter is 11 months. Anyone who has ever had to care for an infant knows that you eat when you can or you starve.

I refuse to starve.

So I remembered that I had bought some Larabars in my attempt to be more health conscious of what I eat. They were on sale so I bought a few flavors just to try out. I had heard and read so many great things about them that they couldn’t taste bad, right? Wrong.

Well, the Chocolate Chip Brownie seemed to delight my taste buds at the moment. Nothing like chocolate before 12 pm! I should’ve known when I opened the wrapper and seen what they had put inside it that I was destined for disappointment. But I kept going. I like to give folks the benefit hoping it would work in my favor and this time the benefit was ALL theirs. What I got tasted like old raisins and dirt. Yuck!

I immediately spit it out and threw the rest in the trash. Looking at the rest of my Larabar stash I guess I could scatter it outside for the wildlife? On second thought, no because I don’t want to be arrested for animal cruelty.

I think Larabar played a cruel trick on humanity. I went to their facebook page and let them know how their food made me feel (since of course me being fat means I eat purely for emotional reasons):

I am completely offended by this bar you call Chocolate Brownie and it tastes neither chocolate nor brownie. The people who enjoy this particular bar must not have any taste buds left, but for the sake of the ones that do, please take it off of the market.

Complete fail. I think they just threw a bunch of crap together and since it was brown they decided to call it a brownie. It tastes neither chocolate nor brownie.

I had to turn to Pioneer Woman on Food Network making a delicious bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Mmmm. I had to watch something tasty after what I had just experienced.

The next time I want this


I won’t buy this


I am no longer sacrificing taste in the name of health!


UPDATE: After I informed Larabar of my displeasure, they had quite the solution for me. Read it below.




I don’t know Kay Wong, but bless her heart.